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House of Tongues
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House of Tongues ReviewWe look for acceptance, even when we believe we will find none. "House of Tongues" is a collection of poetry from Susan Wicks as she goes through and offers many works of poetry and life and our search to belong, where we lose the ones we love and yearn for what was left for behind. "House of Tongues" is a touching assortment of poetry, very much worth adding to any general poetry collection. "Wheelchair": I am the paralyzed and the pusher, I am the air/circulating in the steel chair.//I am the wasted hand that lies/inert on the arm-rest, and the hand that cries//a line of blood-drops each time it goes to grasp,/slashed across the heart-line. I am that gasp.//and the unseen body humped on the steel seat,/my side-by-side feet//aligned on the foot-rest, as the grey road rolls under./I am the hunger//of crowds that come and stand beside, around, above/the wings of my naked blades -- of love.House of Tongues OverviewHouse of Tongues is concerned with acceptance and refusal, with power and the lack thereof, and with silence and bombast. It is also a book full of the sadness and exhilaration of departure- of saying an often ambivalent goodbye to people and places, jobs, or friends lost through illness, sex, and innocence. It also explores the precarious process of patiently setting out again. In these poems, tongues mix and entwine in the mouths of unlikely personae trapped in an atmosphere of vengeance and betrayal.

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