The Best Party Recipes Review

The Best Party Recipes
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The Best Party Recipes ReviewI love Edith Barber cookbooks. The recipes are all very good and the writing is like a time machine. This is all about how to host a lovely party in the 1950's!
Unfortunately, this book is out of print and only available on Kindle... and however it was converted to kindle format, they didn't keep things straight. On one page, there are instructions for four unnamed recipes with no ingredients. Some of the ingredients are jumbled up and one calls for "S cup of olive oil"
I believe this is unusable as a cookbook but since it is a digital version, I have hope it can still be straightened out.The Best Party Recipes OverviewThe word “hospitable" has a pleasant ring to the ear. According to the dictionary, this adjective is denned as “receiving and entertaining guests generously and kindly." Today, the adverb “easily" should be added to that definition, as the whole trend in entertaining is toward simplicity.Every hostess likes to receive the compliments, “You always seem to have such a good time at your own parties," and, “You do everything so easily."Of course, this does not mean that she has not spent plenty of time in planning and preparing for a party, but it does indicate that the apparently unharried hostess is not plagued with too many last minute details that take her away from her guests.

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