The Afterglow (Calvary Basics Series) Review

The Afterglow (Calvary Basics Series)
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The Afterglow (Calvary Basics Series) ReviewHaving guidelines for speaking in tongues, interpretation, and speaking a prophetic word out loud in church can seem like oppression to some believers. It is actually freeing to us as believers, not confining. Following the Bible's guidelines can give the opportunity for the Spirit to move without the confusion that many services can have. The spiritual gifts will be given for the edification of the church and to glorify the Lord. This book will give a guide from the scriptures on how to have an afterglow service.The Afterglow (Calvary Basics Series) OverviewThe Afterglow Jesus said we would receive His power when the Holy Spirit came upon us. The gifts of the Holy Spirit are the manifestation of His power, and if we learn to operate the gifts in a scriptural manner, decently and in order, we can begin to experience the true power of the early church the dynamic power of Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit. In this book, Pastor Henry Gainey gives instruction in conducting an afterglow service and understanding the proper use of the gifts of the Holy Spirit in the church.

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