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Praying Through ReviewMy wife and I have a healing prayer ministry and teach bible studies, and are always looking for comprehensive books that tie the "loose ends" together that can help us improve our lives through Christ. I am an attorney, and read books very thoroughly, taking lots of notes, but I need the Christian authors to explain "everything" to me, showing supporting scriptures, so that I am not guessing on such important matters. I have found this book to be outstanding in the depth of subjects covered and in the simplicity with which things are explained (you have to pay more for a lawyer like me to explain things in such clear and concise terms!). I have probably read 40-50 Christian books by many big name authors, and this is definitely in the top 10 for the reasons above. The book is not just about prayer, but covers Spiritual Gifts and scriptures that tell us why some prayers are not powerful and others are life changers. It does not dig too deep explaining every Gift or related idea, but gives enough in an easy flowing style to help people connect the dots to many issues they may not hear so practically spoken in church. I higly recommend this book for people who want to tie together prayer, the Holy Spirit, and why we can have faith that God is changing things today for those who seek Him.Praying Through Overview

Sara Steele has made the subject of "praying through" very practical, understandable, and exciting. When you finish reading this book the first thing you will want to do is pray!—Paul Crouch, President and Founder, Trinity Broadcasting Network

Sara Steele's Praying Through teaches you how to allow God to use your prayer life to accomplish all that He wants to accomplish both in you and in your world.
—Harald Bredesen, Minister, Author, and Christian Broadcasting Network Founding Board Member

This breakthrough message reveals a life of Christian realization and communion with God, free from formulas and fruitless tradition. Written with a genuine passion for prayer based on a practical approach to God's Word and the workings of the Holy Spirit, both new and seasoned believers will benefit from the wisdom within.

Now, with more than 50 years of praying through, author Sara Steele reveals the secrets to answered prayer with compelling experiences, solid scriptural references, and an exceptional understanding of the specifics types of prayer.

Uncover the magnitude of taking the time to pray through and realize how much God wants you to receive His best.

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