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It Just Gets Better with Time
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It Just Gets Better with Time ReviewSisters Dorothy and Caroline have a difficult time communicating honestly with each other. Dorothy made some bad choices early in life which results in her raising four children alone. Her husband, Delvin, whom she loves and supports has been in prison more years then he has lived at home. Caroline is a jealous one-up type of sister. She married up and lives lavishly with a husband who has a top executive position and two daughters who can do no wrong. Caroline talks down to Dorothy about living in the projects while Dorothy avoids extended contact with Caroline.
As the saying goes, those in glass houses should not throw stones. Caroline gets a taste of her own medicine when she believes her husband sleeps with another woman and Andrea (her oldest daughter) gets into trouble with the law. Dorothy's life makes a 180 degree turn when she meets her soul mate, Sullivan, at the grocery store. But Dorothy is unavailable because she is still devoted to Delvin who has just been released from prison.
The drama of this tale builds throughout the novel leaving the reader with several loose ends. Maseyree has a gift of weaving excitement and tragedy into a page-turning novel. However, time and money need to be invested on editing. There are segments of this story that skip subject areas and characters without notice. This forced me to go back to make sure I did not miss something only to realize the section was out of sequence. In addition, the book is littered with grammatical and spelling errors which take away from the story.
Reviewed by M. Bruner for Loose Leaves Book ReviewIt Just Gets Better with Time OverviewIt Just Gets Better With Time is a twisted, fast moving story that'll make you laugh, cry, and think. It's drama and suspense starts brewing from the beginning, and lasts all the way to the novels end. Its true-to-life characters keep you hungry for more. Step into the lives of rivaling sister's Dorothy and Caroline and find out that things are not always as they seem. It Just Gets Better With Time provides a realistic, yet hopeful look at the challenges encountered as we strive to establish and maintain the family unit.

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