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The Cartographer's Tongue
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The Cartographer's Tongue ReviewRich's finely-crafted poems draw on her experiences as a Peace Corps worker in Niger, West Africa, a human rights educator in Gaza, an electoral monitor in Bosnia, a program coordinator for Amnesty International, and a daughter who has lost both parents. Each poem speaks with the credible, particular voice of one who has been there and seen without blinking or romanticizing. The griefs and atrocities are balanced with erotic poems that reveal an unabated appetite for connection and life. The art of cartography forms the image base of the whole book; even the erotic poems employ the vocabulary of map-making and geometry in surprising, evocative ways. Rich's intelligent and perceptive voice make her a compelling guide to the worlds of "The Cartographer's Tongue."The Cartographer's Tongue OverviewQustions of geography, ethnic identity, and the corssing of cultural borders keep company with poetic form in this first collection of work."These poems will wound you and haunt you, but the larger knowing they bring is crucial . Susan Rich is a caring citizen of every heartland."—Naomi Shihab Nye "Susan Rich gives us a collection of poems...generous in the range and power of their emotion."—J. M. Coetzee

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