Folktales of England (Folktales of the World) Review

Folktales of England (Folktales of the World)
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Folktales of England (Folktales of the World) ReviewIf you want the historical facts, even if it is about something fanciful, you cannot top Katherine Briggs. The book is a history of Celtic beliefs of past ages that reach, in some ways, even the present.Written in a style that neither advocates nor degrades fairy faith, the book is quite interestingly written. Katherine Briggs is probably the most serious researcher and recorder of old tales and stories believed by our remote ancestors in print today. Highly recommended for those who are looking for the real story and not the fancy, frilly, fluff so many others describe.Folktales of England (Folktales of the World) OverviewIf wonder tales are not abundant in England, other kinds of folktales thrive: local traditions, historical legends, humorous anecdotes. Many of the favorite tales which English-speaking peoples carry with them from childhood come from a long tradition—stories as familiar to Shakespeare, Ben Jonson, Spenser, and their many contemporaries as they are to us."This is a fine, homely feast, immediately intelligble. . . ."—Times Educational Supplement ". . . should be of special concern to Americans since many of the tales are parallel to or the source of our own folk stories."—Choice "This is entertainment, to be sure, but is also part of man's attempts to comprehend his world."—Quartet "Folktales of England is by all odds the most satisfactory general collection of folktales to come out of England since the advent of modern collection and classification techniques."—Ernest W. Baughman, Journal of American Folklore

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