The Power Of Praying In Tongues Review

The Power Of Praying In Tongues
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The Power Of Praying In Tongues ReviewI had the privilege of viewing Glenn Arekion interviewed by Sid Roth on the 'It's Supernatural' streaming Internet video. I was impressed with his testimony and tangible amazing results of praying in divine languages. Although I received my prayer language in 1978, I found that I seldom entered into this unique form of prayer unless a crisis arose. It always lead to a sense of peace, and wisdom to deal with whatever the issue may have been; truly remarkable.
With this book and another by Dave Roberson entitled "The Walk of the Spirit, The Walk of Power", I have found strong encouragement to pray in tongues daily to build myself up spiritually, as well as to be used of GOD in 'secret' prayer for the needs of many others throughout the world. This in no way diminishes my responsibility to pray specifically in English and Spanish for needs that become apparent, but when we get to the end of ourselves and our limited understanding of the ultimate reality of situations, needs, and circumstances- praying in tongues takes it to the next level.
I initially came from a 'cessationist' background in theology that denied the contemporary reality of tongues. Thankfully our Lord Jesus Christ revealed the truth: the only one who wants to rob the children of the Kingdom of this incredible blessing is the adversary of our souls- because it does serious damage to him and his forces of darkness. Read these books and become an anointed member of the Holy, Royal, Warrior-Priesthood. Check out my book on Amazon entitled "Thy Kingdom Come- Here and Now!" for strong encouragement in these Last Days... we will all witness His soon Glorious Appearing!Thy Kingdom Come- Here and Now!: 2. A Reigning Manual for the Glorious Church- In Preparation of the Bride of ChristThe Power Of Praying In Tongues OverviewPaul, the great apostle who wrote most of the New Testament and laid the foundation for victorious Christian life, thanked God that he spoke in tongues. Paul deemed praying in other tongues important and was grateful for the blessing. In The Power of Praying in Tongues, you will learn: The importance of praying in tongues - Sixty proven benefits of praying in tongues - The roots of negativism concerning tongues - How to develop partnership with the Holy Spirit - How to tap into supernatural Christianity. Not solely based on exciting true-life stories, this book is also an exhaustive piece of research into this marvelous aspect of spiritual prayer. You will begin a new chapter of hope in your life when you experience this special communication with your heavenly Father. Praying in other tongues is the door to major breakthroughs in your life!

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