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Principles of Vibration
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Principles of Vibration ReviewI am concluding a course in vibrations (UofWashington) and wanted to take a moment to recognize the author for the excellent text he has crafted. I have found many times through the quarter that simply sitting down and diving through its chapters taught me more than my professor ever could have.
-Excellent examples
-Excellent derivations
-Unique and effective approach to emphasizing fundamental points
But mainly this text excels because it never forgets the main point - to help newcomers understand the topic of vibrations. Highly recommended, even if you don't specifically need a text on vibrations. I think everyone could use a little more of chapters three,four,six and eight (if you're curious, buy the book!) :)
Just my two cents.
Principles of Vibration OverviewIn this second edition of Principles of Vibration, Benson H. Tongue takes a refreshingly informal approach to the understanding and analysis of vibration problems. His student-friendly style creates a sense of "one-on-one" communication to which students respond with enthusiasm, declaring that the text is enjoyable, informative, and even "good bedtime reading." The text material can be used in a first vibrations course and in advanced undergraduate/beginning graduate courses. Some familiarity with linear algebra, elementary deformable bodies, and beginning dynamics is assumed. Tongue provides a basic understanding of the principles of vibrations, presenting the core ideas and theories that define the field. Starting with classical material--single-degree-of-freedom systems--he branches out into modern topics, emphasizing multiple-degree-of-freedom systems. Principles of Vibration, Second Edition is an ideal text for senior undergraduates and graduate students in mechanical, civil, and aeronautical engineering departments.FeaturesFeatures a student-centric presentation that emphasizes the understanding of basic concepts Provides modal analysis and linear algebra tools to solve vibration problems Contains general solution techniques and specific approaches using MATLABIncludes a wide array of problems from various disciplinesContains 126 completely new homework problems, 100 modified problems, and 13 new examples Contains a unique chapter on "Seat-of-the-Pants" engineering, giving novices the "tricks of the trade" that provide fast and accurate estimations of the real solution to a problem

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