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Tales of Tongue Fu
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Tales of Tongue Fu ReviewTales of Tongue Fu cleverly and alchemically blends together sidesplitting humor with some unusually profound philosophical insights into the evolution of consciousness and the nature of existence. Like a strange memetic crossbreed between Herman Hesse's Siddhartha, the television show Kung Fu, and Mad magazine on acid, Krassner's zany and profound philosophical insights will have you simultaneously laughing out loud and staring into the Heavens with wonder.
I loved this book! This is a new edition of the book that includes a recently written preface by Krassner, twice as many illustrations (by both Trina Robbins and Pete von Sholly), a new introduction by me, and a new glossary, also by me, that allows people born after this book was originally published (in 1974) to enjoy all of Krassner's hilarious cultural references.Tales of Tongue Fu OverviewPart fictional narrative, part send-up of the New Age movement, and part comedic triumph, Tales of Tongue Fu splits the reader's sides with hilarious misadventures and wicked social commentary.The book's hero, Tongue Fu, evolves from the humble son of a radioactive mother and a kamikaze pilot father to a guru - with an incredibly long tongue, which he uses for both romance and martial arts.Tongue Fu meets a cadre of riotous characters along his way, from Baba Blabla, who has been silent for 30 years, to Rosebud Zwaliyeh, an activist who joins a cult.At every turn, comedy legend Krassner skewers phony spiritualism with his formidable wit, and endlessly entertains with his razor-sharp satire and notorious sense of humor, as Trina Robbins delights with her singular artistic vision.

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