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Charismatic Gift of Tongues
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Charismatic Gift of Tongues ReviewBaxter's argument basically hinges on his interpretation of 1 Corinthians 13:9&10.
He argues that the "perfect" in verse 10 is in fact the closing of Scripture and that the gifts no longer apply! I wonder if "knowledge" has also stopped?
He would do well to read Arnold Bittlinger's little book "Gifts and Graces", where he says this " L.Christenson says this--in 1Cor.12:28, GOD has appointed various kinds of tongues. Even if this were the only passage that mentions speaking in tongues, we would have to conclude that this is of abiding value, because GOD has ordained it so". That statement applies to all of the Gifts mentioned in the New Testament! NOTHING has been revoked or withdrawn in Scripture!
I cannot understand how a man of Baxter's integrity and scholarship can overlook verses of Scripture such as 1Cor.12:28 and come to his conclusions!
When an author starts using quotes from anti Charismatic Pastor John MacAthur, we should begin to realize his stance!Charismatic Gift of Tongues OverviewA classic examination of Scripture that addresses the confusion about speaking in tongues.

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