The Forked Tongue (TF08SE) Review

The Forked Tongue (TF08SE)
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The Forked Tongue (TF08SE) ReviewFull disclosure - I was close to Flagg, especially during the period of this writing. Along with the rest of our pack we helped him edit and publish this work. You can write my review off as biased for this but my words might hold insight anyway.
The Forked Tongue is above all a message in a bottle. Flagg spent years feeling that he was alone with his darker thoughts, fetishes and personal demons. His relief and joy in finding others who could accept these desires in him and relish the exploration was palpable. To that end, it was clear watching him write this book that in addition to all the great nuts and bolts style information (and there is much to be learned of that type) he wanted to reach out to others who might also wonder if they are alone.
And reach out he does, with candor and insight.
If you are a dominant who wonders how other dominants think, how they feel and why the do what they do reading The Forked Tongue may well help you understand. You may not enjoy the edges Flagg spend time on. You may not feel you are one of us who are comparatively far from the light - but in getting to know his thoughts you may well gain a better insight on your own.
The Forked Tongue (TF08SE) OverviewThis book is not comforting; it does not reassure. It does not teach anything a decent person needs to know. It is a book about BDSM, but it will teach you nothing about tying knots, swinging floggers or spanking. It does not attempt to reach the vanilla public. This book addresses control, it addresses change. The recreational uses of humiliation, conditioning, psychological torture, hypnotism and interrogation techniques are explored and laid bare, broken into usable steps and understandable, applicable concepts. It is a workshop of ruin, the tools necessary to cement lasting alteration and unforgettable experiences for those few who truly crave them. Note: This version is a limited time "TES Fest 08" collectors edition.

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