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His Tongue: Stories
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His Tongue: Stories ReviewAs far as gay erotic stories go, these are some of the best. Lawrence Schimel (aka David Laurents) knows how to write a gay story that is not only sexy but intelligent, and why shouldn't they be intelligent as well as sexy for a change of pace. This sets Schimel's book apart from most of the other books being published with all sex and no real storyline. There is actually some substance to these tales. They're a definite turn-on, and explicit, while dealing at the same time with issues of monogamy, safe sex, open relationships, and fantasy.

I enjoyed all of these stories, but my favorites were; "Season's Greetings" and "A Queer Christmas Carol". As you can tell, I have a thing for Christmas themed stories. I thought the story about a blender; "A Blend of Food and Desire" was really funny and erotically written.

So throw all those other erotic books away and give this one a read. It is a book you will want to keep on your nightstand when you want something erotic as well as intelligent to read. Schimel has done a great job with this collection, and the cover art by Bel Ami is perfect. Enjoy!!
Joe HanssenHis Tongue: Stories OverviewThe world of desire between two (or more) men is the theme of His Tongue. Schimel integrates the emotional side of sex with the physical mechanics. He doesn't shy away from confronting issues such as safe sex, monogamy, and open relationships— all the while keeping the stories stimulating and erotic.

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