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Tongues of Fire
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Tongues of Fire ReviewThe tragic destruction of Isreal at the hands of barbarians...
An Israeli army-reserve officer, Isaac Rehv, finds himself alone after his unit is over-run and decimated. In the rubble of his old neighborhood in Haifa, ...he finds that his wife, daughter, and mother have been viciously raped and murdered by the enemy. His nation, his family, his life destroyed, ...he will never be the same again...
Isaac Rehv finds himself living a life of aimless despair as a refugee in America.
A chance encounter with Israeli-resistance, and the aftermath of a botched assassination attempt, inspire Mr. Rehv to take his own unique revenge against the islamic world.
Isaac Rehv is a professor of Arabic literature.
He understands the islamic world even more than most muslims.
With very little resources, Isaac Rehv undertakes a deceptively obscure scheme destined to have enormous impact.
The weapon: his own son!
However, one CIA agent has figured out that Isaac Rehv is up to something...
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