Bananaz (Classic Erotica) Review

Bananaz (Classic Erotica)
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Bananaz (Classic Erotica) ReviewAll I can say is WOW! What a hot, sexy little story this is. If you like a lot of hot, explicit sex, with some tongue in cheek humor thrown in Bananaz won't disappoint you. Not for the faint of heartBananaz (Classic Erotica) OverviewJoel is a lucky man. One afternoon after an exhausting day of work, he decides to take a nap on the couch. But his rest is interrupted by giggling and frivolity emanating from the kitchen. More curious than tired, he steals to the kitchen and peeking around the corner, spies his gorgeous girlfriend, Teri and three equally beautiful ladies, all in skimpy bikinis. And guess what they were doing?Bananaz, is a fast clever read, combining the sexy aspects of erotica with humor. Bananaz is as zany as it's name implies, yet, oh, so sexy An Alternative read reviewWould you expect being awakened by a bunch of giggling to lead to your biggest fantasy being fulfilled? Well, neither does Joel, but he's mightily thankful when he finds his girlfriend Teri and three of her friends practicing "technique" in his kitchen. What follows is the rollicking afternoon to end all time.With Bananaz, Dee has given me an insight into just how funny and how much fun sex can really be, from anyone's point of view. The descriptions both arouse and make you smile, if not downright laugh, at the visuals they create, while I just have to wonder how the heck Joel will walk the next day...or if he'll even be able to get up. It's a frolic that starts on page one and made me wish it were a whole lot longer. Thanks, Dee.Posted by reviewer: WitchGiggles

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