I Ain't Bitin' My Tongue Review

I Ain't Bitin' My Tongue
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I Ain't Bitin' My Tongue ReviewThis book is all you expect and more. The poetry is beautiful, and Valdez speaks with wisdom far beyond his years. I found the book enlightening, and well written.I Ain't Bitin' My Tongue OverviewDon't Judge a Book by Its CoverBaltimore author pens an intriguing messageSuccinctly put, it's a book about choices and how the wrong ones can impact your life. "I strive to write inspirational stories and stories that generate an awareness of very real and very critical issues," said Fisher. Captivating is probably the best word to describe Fisher. The married father comes across as an intellectual. Fisher has even established his own scholarship to help youth further their education.He is also one heck of a marketer. Fisher said he has sent out thousands of emails to media outlets, entertainers, and anyone he thinks would have even a remote interest in what he has to say. In fact, he has no difficulty contacting a local daily newspaper and giving them a piece of his mind when they delayed publishing his interview. He says most media will always gravitate toward the negative as opposed to rushing to highlight a young man with a positive message.Having Lance Warlock of Halloween II fame write the foreword to I Ain't Bitin My Tongue and Maryland governor Martin O'Malley potentially pegged for his second, yet untitled book, should be an indication of Fisher's ambition and potential.Snuggled alongside some of the book industry's racier titles and eye catching graphics, the self-published I Ain't Bitin My Tongue could be somewhat overlooked. However, the book is a diamond in the rough. Speaking to its comparison to the ever popular Urban Lit, Fisher says the later doesn't offer any real nourishment and is heavily packaged."A lot of these graphic covers, they garage information that is completely useless and full of filth," Fisher says.But speaking about his own book he takes a different view. "It's not the cover of the book, it's what's inside."http://wjz.com/video/?id=23825@wjz.dayport.com

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