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Sista Tongue ReviewLisa Linn Kanae presents not just a book but stylistically pleasing work of graphic art to frame the story of Pidgin (Hawaiian Creole English) speakers in Hawaii. It's as if the differences between a conventional book and Sista Tongue are a parallel to the differences between standard English and Pidgin. Although there is no overt unifying theme, and only one narrative arc (about the author's brother Harold), Sista Tongue eloquently and uniquely encapsulates the effort of a group of marginalized people to maintain their identity, despite being stigmatized for their unconventional speech, even being labeled as mentally ill-equipped.Sista Tongue OverviewPoetry. Asian Studies. "Kanae's first book, SISTA TONGUE, is about her first love: language. It's a brief social history of Pidgin English in Hawaii intertwined with a personal story about a little brother who was a late talker and was stigmatized for it. Within its pages, Kanae has created what she calls a collage of poetry and prose, layered and patchworked in a way as to entice-and require-the reader's careful attention, especially as presented by graphic designer Kristin Kaelinani Gonzales"-Wanda A. Adams, Gannett News Service. Kanae's work can be found in BAMBOO RIDGE, HYBOLICS, and TINFISH. She is currently an English lecturer at Kapiolani Community College and serves as an editorial assistant for OIWI: A NATIVE HAWAIIAN JOURNAL. Saddlestapled chapbook.

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