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A Silver Tongue
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A Silver Tongue ReviewSilver Tongue wasn't about abuse as much as it was
unrealistic. Tuesday Washington is a lawyer, mother of
2 sets of twins, married to Gregory and finds herself
in a nightmare she can't seem to awaken from. Gregory
Washington is a successful Air Traffic Controller,
father and husband to Tuesday. He is riding on a
roller coaster of insanity, but why?
I found Silver Tongue to be a fast and interesting
read but the book lacks realistic situations. It seems
the author wanted the reader to know that Battered
Women's Syndrome knows no class of people. Whether
your white or blue collar, it can find it's way into
your home. I am still a tad bit confused regarding
Gregory's background.
I had a hard time with Tuesday's character she was too
naïve to the ways of the world. As a lawyer I am sure
she had to come in contact with all kinds of
characters. Once she was presented with situations
regarding her husband I thought she should've been
more alert.
Marlene Taylor has a knack for telling a story and I
would certainly read her next book. I love the way she
gets right to the point no fluff.
APOOO Bookclub.A Silver Tongue OverviewIn a world where a little voice seems to be running the show, A Silver Tongue is a love story at it's most obsessive; a twisted, gritty tale of sex and violence, full of suspense, set in a quiet Philadelphia neighborhood.Gregory Washington, a stressed out Air Traffic Controller, takes 29-year-old wife Tuesday, to places where only the worst nightmares come true.Nothing is held back as the graphic details of this story unfold.Hold on to your seats as you read how Tuesday is forced to deal with the growing mental instability of her once loving and faithful husband.Bizarre is the only way to describe the perfectly executed turn of events in this compelling narrative.

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