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Miracles or Magic
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Miracles or Magic ReviewIn a society where many claim truth is relative and our focus is regrettably on the trendy, superficial, and politically correct, the author of 'Miracles or Magic?' has boldly taken on a very controversial subject and shed light on an issue where many face delusion and end up getting lost in a maze of false information. This author has clearly done his research and presents the material in a straightforward and easy to understand manner. It's also an interesting read which held my attention throughout, and contains several fascinating appendices, such as time lines of claimed miracles throughout history, including present day. Whether you're a believer who desires to be more informed on this subject or someone who is fascinated by the supernatural, this book is a vital addition to your book collection.Miracles or Magic OverviewThe Bible says that before Christ returns people will depart from the faith and heed seducing spirits that present magic as miracles. With counterfeit spirituality on the rise, how can we discern what is from God and what is from the devil? This book provides a unique Biblical, historical, scientific and prophetic analysis of miracles for an essential understanding of this controversial topic.

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