The Secret of Chinese Pulse Diagnosis Review

The Secret of Chinese Pulse Diagnosis
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The Secret of Chinese Pulse Diagnosis ReviewWhile this book covers information that is of interest to TCM practitioners and lay people alike, it does so in a disorganized manner. One would think that a book on pulse diagnosis might start with describing the attributes of a pulse. Defining the terms used to describe the pulse would be a good place to start. Perhaps then one could go into how to take a pulse and what to look for. Unfortunately this book violates all standard pedagogical principles. Terms are used before they are defined. Circular definitions are used and information is presented in a redundant manner. While the information is interesting, the book should have been written in a much clearer fashion.The Secret of Chinese Pulse Diagnosis OverviewChinese doctors have used pulse diagnosis as one of their four main methods of diagnosis for at least 2,000 years.Even today, this art is integral to the correct identification of traditional Chinese medical patterns.Although most practitioners of acupuncture and Chinese medicine talk about the importance of the pulse in their practice, few practitioners in the West truly feel competent in this art.In this book, Bob Flaws, one of the most famous Western practitioners of Chinese medicine, shares his secret for learning how to do Chinese pulse diagnosis.Bob has identified a single key secret technique which will unlock Chinese pulse diagnosis for everyone who applies it.Using this technique, anyone can feel the 27 or 28 classical pulses.

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