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Everything Was Good-Bye
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Everything Was Good-Bye ReviewThe story of Meena and her navigations of two cultures is gripping, both as a coming of age story and as a window into the lives of Punjabi-Canadians. Basran writes with an acute eye for detail and targets cultural norms with vividness. I was moved by the drama of Meena's attempts to balance her strict family life while, she, like teens everywhere, just wants to fit in to the social milieu at school. Because it is a universal situation, that of wanting social acceptance and freedom, the story made me groan with recognition at Meena's awkward forays and frustrations. At the same time, I was riveted by the complexities of her home life and the secret balancing act she carries out as she tries to avoid the inevitable collision of two cultures. I'm dying to read more; this homegrown perspective is one we haven't seen in the latest crop of Indian writers such as Kiran Desai and Jhumpa Lahiri.No doubt Basran is poised to head the next wave.Everything Was Good-Bye OverviewEverything Was Good-bye centers around Meena, a young Indo Canadian woman growing up in the lower mainland of British Columbia and traces her life as she struggles to assert her independence in a Punjabi community. Raised by her tradition bound widowed mother, Meena knows the freedoms of her Canadian peers can never be hers, but unlike her sisters, she is reluctant to submit to a life that is defined by a suitable marriage. Though a narrative moving between race and culture, it is ultimately a story of love, loss and self acceptance amidst shifting cultural ideals.

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