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hope begins where hope begins
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hope begins where hope begins ReviewThis book was suggested to me by a bereavement specialist at a time in my life when all seemed hopeless. I had just suffered through the loss of my dear sister, and any chance of hope seemed remote. I read through the short stories of people's experiences, which the author conveys just as they occurred and were left (i.e., even sans any type of substantial result in the eyes of the reader). These accounts served as a starting point for understanding my grief and that of my loved ones. The author clearly shows how hope plays an important role in each of the scenarios in the book, even in those that seem to end up unresolved. This book should be read by anyone who is grieving the loss of a loved, has grieved the loss of a loved one, or wants to help those who are grieving. Hope not only begins where hope begins --- strength begins where hope begins. And it begins with this book!hope begins where hope begins Overview

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