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Body Space Medicine ReviewDr. Zhi Chen Guo is a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, a spiritual master, and the founder and director of the Zhengding Heath Care Center in China. He was honored as "Most Exceptional Practitioner" by the Grand System of World Traditional Medicine in Beijing, and credited with assisting to contain the SARS epidemic and creating new treatments for cancer. Body Space Medicine is a revolutionary healing system developed by Dr. Guo during his 50 years of clinical practice using his medical intuitive abilities and Divine guidance. I studied Body Space Medicine under Dr. Guo and Dr. Zhi Gang Sha in China in 2005, in Canada in 2006, and in the United States in 2007. In China I saw a number of cancer patients who had come to Dr. Guo's clinic bedridden and now they were up walking early in the morning and dancing around late at night. Dr. Guo has had success in treating cancer, partially because his approach is not to kill cancer, but to return the cancer cells to normal cells. One of Dr. Guo's secrets to healing cancer is his focus on the imbalance of fluids in the body, the spaces in the body, the four jiao, the exit points in the body, and the Gong Zhuan. Dr. Guo developed the message (soul), matter, and energy theory, which is part of the Tao. All cells, organs, and systems have a message (soul), and the message affects both the matter inside the cells and the energy outside the cells in the spaces. Under normal conditions the transformation of matter inside the cells and energy outside the cells is in balance. When an imbalance develops, sickness occurs. To be healthy, the spaces in the body between the organs and between the cells must be open and allow the flow of energy, which allows the transformation of matter inside the cells and the energy outside the cells to be in balance. Body Space Medicine has quantum aspects, transcending time and space. Body Space Medicine uses the power of the soul, energy movement in the spaces of the body, and the Gong Zhuan to restore healthy cellular function. The Gong Zhuan (the main vertical energy circle of the body) and the Zi Zhuan (the main horizontal energy circle of the body) are the key for restoring health to cells and the entire body. Herbs (either physical herbs or soul herbs) are used to clear the spaces, adjust the matter and energy in the body, and optimize the Gong Zhuan. Dr. Guo has simplified the thousands of Chinese herbs and herbal formulas used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to a list of five herbs used in four quantum formulas that can be used to heal all illnesses (see page 117 et al). In comparing Western medicine to Body Space Medicine, Western medicine generally only deals with matter. Body Space Medicine deals with matter and also the message (soul), mind, energy, spaces, the Gong Zhuan, and Yin/Yang balance for healing the body.
I use aspects of Body Space Medicine in my spiritual healing practice. Overall I found the book to be very good and it really moved me very deeply. If you are reading the book, here is one key that may help you. On page 33, Dr. Guo says, "I will teach you how to invoke the soul of the herbs to heal." To find this important information, see the discussion of soul herbs under the topic of "The Quantum Dimension" on page 132. As Dr. Guo states, everything has a soul. So this includes each of your organs, a house, a city, a country, a river, a tree, a plant, etc. A soul can have incredible healing power. Each herb has a soul, and you can ask the soul of the herb(s) for a healing. You can use soul herbs with or without the physical herbs. When using soul herbs, start with "Say Hello Healing." Then you chant the names of the herbs. You might chant for 5 minutes or longer; you might chant several times a day. You can chant while cooking or driving your car. You can chant out loud or silently, but if you are lying down, do not chant out loud. You do not have to chant the dosage (e.g. 7 g). So you can select one of the four quantum herb formulas on page 117 for any illness, use the "Say Hello Healing" formula, and then chant the names of the herbs in that formula. When you finish chanting, show appreciation and say thank you three times. For more information about the power of the soul and how to use the power of the soul to heal yourself and others, see Dr. Zhi Gang Sha's book, Soul Mind Body Medicine: A Complete Soul Healing System for Optimum Health and Vitality.
Body Space Medicine OverviewIn this book, Master Guo distills decades' worth of proven clinical practice, research, and his spiritual and energy training Xiu Lian tradition. He combines traditional Chinese techniques with his own cutting-edge developments to present a simple and effective system for treating and preventing illness will be of great interest to medical professionals and lay readers alike. In fact, the essence of Master Guo's Body Space Medicine is so simple that anyone can learn it. Body Space Medicine is based on the Message Energy Matter Theory, which states that matter and energy are carriers of information, soul, or message. Body Space Medicine treats illness by using the message or soul of This system can serve all healing needs-at the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels-and is a powerful tool for treating chronic and life-threatening conditions. And because all theory, methodology, and techniques are explained step by step in practical terms, anyone studying this material will quickly understand the key principles in this book and immediately be able to apply them to benefit themselves and others.

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