Farming with Horses (Country Workshop) Review

Farming with Horses (Country Workshop)
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Farming with Horses (Country Workshop) Review"Farming with Horses" is THE ONLY book i have found that explains, in depth, the engineering behind the correct way to hitch. it is lavishly illustrated with color photos and graphics. i have recommended it to drivers of single horses all the way up to 4-in-hands. Don't be put off by the is a MUST HAVE reference for anyone who drives carriages as well as farm machinery.Farming with Horses (Country Workshop) Overview
In the early twentieth century, the proliferation of farm tractors dramatically eased the burden on America's farmers. It seemed the day of the horse-drawn plough was well over. And yet today, with a new generation working smaller spreads for reasons of necessity, economics, or personal conviction, draft horses are going back to work in a big way, and proving their worth once more. This book, by a widely respected trainer of working horses, aims to show those new to farming with horses—or those simply in need of a brush-up—everything they need to make the old ways work like new.

With a wealth of color illustrations and clear, to-the-point prose, Farming with Horses reviews the different types of harness and collar, explains how to select a work horse and how to hitch a horse to an implement, and fully describes lateral and longitudinal alignment, rein grips, and every other aspect of farming with horses.

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