I Believe In The Holy Spirit Review

I Believe In The Holy Spirit
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I Believe In The Holy Spirit ReviewThis is, without doubt, one of the best and most balanced works on the Holy Spirit I have read. The author traces the person and work of the Spirit from Old Testament to New. Of particular interest is his balanced treatment of the fullness of Spirit-given gifts and giftedness within the framework of apostolic history and sacramental theology. The read is scholarly yet is written to be easily comprehended. I highly recommend this work. Dr. T. Merrill, D.Min, MFCI Believe In The Holy Spirit OverviewFor many Christians, the Holy Spirit is little more than a shadowy figure they learned about while reading the Book of Acts. This updated edition of Greens classic traces the doctrine of the Holy Spirit throughout the Bible, and addresses contemporary church issues including baptism, gifts, works, and the charismatic movement. Concise, concentrated, and clear teaching.

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