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Master Is Calling
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Master Is Calling ReviewI am a new pastor who has taught and preached the word of God for over 14 years, and this is the finest book on prayer I have ever read. E.M. Bounds and Andrew Murray have great books on this subject, but this title by the wife of Pastor Mac Hammond has done more to energize my prayer life than anything I have ever encountered. The author has done her homework and can attest to these Biblical truths with practical down-to-earth experience. This book is a must for any pastor who finds prayer to be a dull, laborious affair. Blessings and agape for sister Lynne Hammond for lifting my spirit and changing my prayer life.Master Is Calling OverviewIn The Master Is Calling, author Lynn Hammond offers a powerful biblical perspective on prayer that takes you to the heart of meaningful, effective, and joyful communion with God. She presents a victorious approach to worship, intercession, petition, and spiritual warfare that will revitalize your Christian life. Discover the secrets to developing a deeper prayer life, to relying on the Holy Spirit's guidance, and to interceding effectively for family and friends. As you understand these biblical principles, you will experience the joy of true fellowship with the Lord and be tremendously effective in prayer through His grace and power!

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