Penthouse Variations (Letters to Penthouse) Review

Penthouse Variations (Letters to Penthouse)
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Penthouse Variations (Letters to Penthouse) ReviewThis is my first "naughty" book experience, aside from my late teen Jackie Collins novels. As a married mother who on a naughty impulse decided to give it a try, I have to say I have no complaints and I am reccomending it to all my girlfriends who have a stalemate in the bedroom department. The language is raw, the sex is exciting and it doesnt beat around the bush with too many bells and whistles of a storyline. I reccomend it if you have it in you to be naughty, but spend too many nights not in the mood to try.Penthouse Variations (Letters to Penthouse) Overview28 Flavors, No Vanilla To find the limits of lovemaking, how far would you go-to Paris or the Caribbean, to miles above the earth, to your very own bedroom? Who would you invite-a threesome, a foursome, a whole houseful of eager erotic revelers? What props would you deploy-a wisp of knotted silk or a pair of high spiked heels, a stream of scented oil or a sheath of shiny black leather? From the pages of Penthouse Variations-for over two decades America's boldest explorer of the most adventurous frontiers of the sexual revolution-come twenty-eight sometimes shocking, always exciting stories by people who dare to be different. They range from risque role players to sexy bi-sirens, from casual encounters to the delights of domination. And they just might inspire you to walk on your own wild side.

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