The Power of a Woman's Words Review

The Power of a Woman's Words
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The Power of a Woman's Words ReviewThe Power of a Woman's Words by Sharon Jaynes is a fantastic devotional about what our words can do for ourselves, others, and our relationship with God. Jaynes spends the first couple of chapters demonstrating what our words should be doing: praising God and encouraging others. Then the book dives into how we can change our attitudes and in doing so, change our words. She uses personal anecdotes and Biblical passages to back up her points and does so in a powerfully intimate way. It feels like talking to your spiritually mature best friend. The companion study guide is a must have.The Power of a Woman's Words Overview
International speaker Sharon Jaynes believes that women have incredible power in their sphere ofinfluence with the words they speak.

Words are one of the most powerful forces in the universe, and they can be used forgood or evil. When God created our world, He did so with words. He said, 'Let there be..." and it was so.While our words cannot bring into existence things that are not, they do have the power to build courage into a husband'slife, instill confidence into a child's heart, fan into flames the dying embers of a friend's smoldering dreams,and draw the lost to Christ.

This book is for every woman who desires to use her words to build up rather thantear down, to encourage rather than discourage, to cheer rather than jeer. It is for all who desire to have morecontrol over that mighty force called the tongue.

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