Azusa Street Revival, The Review

Azusa Street Revival, The
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Azusa Street Revival, The ReviewIt was great reading learning about those experiences. I had heard about the revival all my life, but reading the actual accounts were precious. It is part of christian history, they gave their testomonies of how it was then. Informational, astounding and informative. Testmonies of faith are always incredible!!Azusa Street Revival, The OverviewThe Azusa Street Revival tells the whole story-the origins and events that surrounded the revival fire that fell at Azusa Street in downtown Los Angeles. Roberts Liardon fills in the blanks left out by other books on Azusa, tracing the events that led up to the revival including the Cane Ridge Revival, Phoebe Palmer and the Holiness Movement, the influence of Alexander Dowie's precious Zion City in Chicago, the rise of Charles Parham and his student William Joseph Seymour who became the catalyst for the Azusa Street revival.When the fire fell in early April 1906 it would spread from what a Los Angeles newspaper referred to as a "tumble down shack." to the four corners of the earth. Liardon describes in vivid detail how the battle cry of Pentecostal revival sounded from Azusa Street would erupt in every continent and among all people groups of the world and cause Pentecostalism to become a major force in Christendom. You will discover the secrets of the success of the Azusa Street revival that welcomed the poor, encouraged the leadership of women, supported spontaneous, ecstatic worship and was fueled by the power of fervent prayer.--This text refers to the Kindle Edition edition.

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