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Laura's Sex Needs
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Laura's Sex Needs ReviewThis was not a good book. It was poorly written, had no plot, and the sex scenes left much to be desired. Don't waste your 80 cents.Laura's Sex Needs OverviewMany women in this age of women's liberation want to work, primarily as a means of relieving boredom in their lives. Such was the case of Laura E., whose active mind was becoming increasingly stifled by the drudgery of staying home and doing housework with only the minimal relief from those stationary chores. Her husband Steve, concerned about the boredom pattern that was setting in, purchased his lovely wife a pet, a beautiful German shepherd named Henry who served as a marvelous companion as well as a skilled watchdog whenever her husband was away. But the pattern of boredom continued. Laura needed more than a pet dog to terminate the drudgery from her life. Finally Laura broke down and experimented sexually with a man. She told herself that it was just one of those things and was not likely to happen again. But it did! And with a number of quick successors, all of whom were willing to supply this lovely and often lonesome lass with everything they could in the way of sexual adventure.

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