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Singing and the Actor
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Singing and the Actor ReviewI've read several good books on voice for acting and singing. There's a lot to learn and I've found it helpful to look at it from many points of view. Other books cover the mechanics to some degree, but this one devotes a great deal of space to exercises that help you identify all the pieces that contribute to the production of sound. With these exercises, I find it a lot easier to methodically troubleshoot when something is not working and narrow it to the problem area, eg, larynx, support, etc. and action that causes the problem, eg, nasality, "excessive pressure on the vocal folds" etc. I also learned the mechanics involved in several techniques, such as "belting" or "crying". I would recommend this to any singer or actor starting out for understanding how the voice works.Singing and the Actor OverviewSinging and the Actor takes the reader step by step through a practical training programme relevant to the modern singing actor and dancer. A variety of contemporary voice qualities including Belting and Twang are explained, with excercises for each topic.

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