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The Celia Collection
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The Celia Collection ReviewThis is sure to entertain (or repulse) readers, as it is a story about sexually depraved individuals who seek to possess one young woman named, Celia.
Celia's journey of sexual self-discovery is an intelligently written and deeply erotic adventure. It is a morbid, fascinating, and spellbinding tale. Each main character is well-developed: dynamic, reprehensible, and entertaining all at the same time. The storyline evolves quickly, leaving no room for boredom. There's a plethora of sex scenes--both explosive and savage--where Celia endures countless acts of sexual degradation (some very disturbing and twisted, so beware!). Also, there's quirky humor added to the mix, lightening the mood, especially during overly grim and oppressive moments.
A splendid and unique reading experience overall, I was just displeased with the ending. (Yet no star is deducted. M.S. Valentine delivers excellent erotica!). I sincerely hope she continues Celia's story, because it doesn't seem complete as of yet. I have even e-mailed her once, and she replied: "Not everything is written in stone." So there's hope! Another installment must be brewing! This book compiles the two volumes that were originally sold separately. I highly recommend erotica-lovers, especially those who love dark erotica, to buy a copy today!The Celia Collection OverviewAvailable together in a special double volume, here is the entire savagely erotic story of Celia and the cousins Hardwicke...Meet the beautiful Celia, who wants nothing more than to be with her beloved Colin. When Colin is mistakenly considered to be the prime suspect in a murder, he and Celia are forced to seek refuge with Colin's stern cousin, Sir Jason Hardwicke. In exchange for Colin's safety, Sir Jason demands Celia's unquestioning submission, knowing she'll do anything to protect her lover. Soon, Celia is indeed doing anything demanded of her and becomes an instrument to satisfy each of the cousin's most depraved appetites.In the conclusion to the series, we find Celia once again at odds with her passion for the cousins as Sir Jason releases her and Colin and arranges for the couple's safe passage to France. But Celia cannot easily forget the man who awakened so many desires within her. Can Colin compete with the memory of Jason's virility - or must Celia choose between them?M. S. Valentine is the internationally bestselling author of the contemporary erotic classics "The Captivity of Celia", "The Possession of Celia", "The Governess", "Elysian Days and Nights", and "The Martinet".

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