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Three Day Passes
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Three Day Passes ReviewRigger and Rock are lovers. Rigger is a marine medic and Rock is a marine. After being away for a few days Rock brings home a fellow marine hoping he'll want to have some fun with them. Although Dick has never been with a man before he eagerly jumps into Rock and Rigger's erotic play. Dick responds with so much enthusiasm that the three of them spend most of their time off pleasuring each other.
The weekend passes and they are still together. Being three men in a gay relationship is not going to be easy. Adding to that, Rigger, Rock, and Dick live a military life where they are separated for long periods sometimes. But these three remarkable men find a way to make their unique relationship work through many trials.
Sean Michael has written an amazing book with Three Day Passes. Rock, Rigger and Dick are three of the sexiest, raunchiest, most filthy mouthed men I have ever had the pleasure to read about! Their game of truth or dare was hilarious, kinky and totally wild. Their three way kisses had me squirming in my seat and their all consuming lust for each other is mind blowing. Along with their kink and their non-stop banter, they are patient, trusting, and compassionate with each other. I got lost in this book. I was totally drawn in. Three Day Passes is highly erotic and totally engrossing. I thoroughly enjoyed it!Nannette
Reviewed for Joyfully ReviewedThree Day Passes OverviewWhat do a lifer Marine and a cowboy flight nurse have in common? They love to play, with each other, and occasionally with someone else they bring home. Rock and Rig are two rough and ready boys, as tight as any two lovers can be, living and loving and feeding their pizza and beer habit every chance they get. Then Rock brings Dick home. Dick is a sweet cherry Marine, so green he's wet behind the ears. Rig and Rock have enjoyed their games in the past, but somehow Dick is different, worming his way into their lives and eventually into their hearts. It's not easy being three, especially when the only time they get to spend together is on a Marine's three day pass. Still, all of them fight to make it work, despite the worries of any gay military man, the physical distance that's sometimes impossible to bridge, and the wounded feelings of the one who feels left out, whichever one that is. Rock, Rig and Dick may not be great at showing their feelings, but they manage to get them across physically, their touches meaning so much more than just a roll in the hay. Let these boys draw you in and never let you go, carrying you through the good times and the bad.

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