Erotiku: An SM Journey Part One Review

Erotiku: An SM Journey Part One
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Erotiku: An SM Journey Part One ReviewI had never familiarized myself with Modern Haiku before reading this book; I learned it is a form of Japanese poetry developed around the late 1890's. It is a verse of 17 syllables within three lines of poetry in the form of 5,7 and 5 syllables. That is enough of that now to the poetry.
As I opened the book I found it odd that only a very small part of the page was covered with such a small verse such as "chained nipple clamps freeze bare skin under her fur coat from car to curb." What an erotic thought thus the name of the book "Erotiku" Erotic Haiku. This exploded into all kinds of visions in my mind. What was this book about? Well it isn't about just a reading of erotic little poems; it is about life and real person's life.
My mind was opened up and from above and a series of erotic poems describing the inner most thoughts and feelings of a sexy, intelligent, sensual, dominate, progressive, powerful, former submissive and slave women were downloaded into me for my edification and enjoyment. I say enjoyment in a guarded way, it is not enjoyable to see the raw emotions and sorrow poured out on these pages, it is however very enjoyable to celebrate with a victorious successful women who has learned from deep within the value of pain to reinforce the pleasurable things life has to give us. Only from personal experience could someone crawl so deep inside of me and validate my feelings of sorrow, joy, pain and pleasure. Jesse Eks has done that by ripping herself open and sharing with us the innermost workings of her soul. The whys of life are shown to be what they are an unknown until the time the universe shows us the meaning of them.
There are no it's in life, we will never have it, it will not make us happy, but the journey is a road worth traveling on the way to it. We will never arrive, if we feel we have we are surely fooling ourselves, enjoy the journey as Jesse has hers, ride on her journey for a little while and you will see everything has a reason.
Read this book.
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