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LOVE IN A BLUE TIME: SHORT STORIES ReviewThis is a small book of short stories, but for some reason it took me awhile to finish it. It was my third foray into Kureishi territory (The Black Album and the Buddha of Suburbia were first) and I have to say now, somewhat regrettably, that I'm hooked. I didn't, and don't, always enjoy reading his subject matter, but as an aspiring writer myself, his work continues to impress me. He is a talented literary artist, which is something that most average writers aspire to be. In this book, he writes in an economic style, and gives life to his stories with well told action, realistic dialogue, interesting conflicts and memorable characters. But the true strength of this book is in the passages, and in how emotion is communicated in an evocative, and often poetic way. His work often has a distinct dramatic and theatrical element, which could explain the multiple successes of his books' translations into plays and films. He rarely shies away from tough topics, and he indeed does have a special talent in exploring and explaining the depths of the human soul. He is able to tap into the minds and viewpoints of his many characters, and change the perspective of the story, which again is something that only the talented writer can manage successfully. I really like that his characters are always true to their character, and they never say or do anything that seems contradictory. In this book, I most enjoyed the stories "We're Not Jews", "D'Accord, Baby", and "The Flies". The latter is a morose and highly repulsive tale, but artfully done and very memorable nonetheless. I kind of look at these stories as "mood pieces", and I wouldn't recommend them to anyone looking for something light and cheery. But if you're in the market to explore some serious literary work, pick it up and maybe, like me, you'll be impressed.LOVE IN A BLUE TIME: SHORT STORIES Overview

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