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Only Time Will Tell
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Only Time Will Tell ReviewOnly Time Will Tell begins with Andrea Smith's release from her sixteen month bid in jail for a parole violation and cruelty to children. Andrea fell in love with a white guy named Tim Doberson, and they both fell in love with drugs. Individual jail stints separated them before Tim even knew of the conception or birth of his daughter, Timyatta. Upon her release, Andrea is determined to make a better life for herself as well as her daughter with her second chance at life. Enfolded in the loving arms of her family, Andrea finds peace in their presence until tragedy strikes and shakes their foundation.
Rhenee Edwards is single and striving to make an impression in her law firm. While focusing on her career and trying to figure out why she's still single, she becomes a participant in a catastrophic incident and her reflexes complicates the situation even more. Punkin believes that she has found the 'perfect man' after so many 'Mr. Wrongs.' Will she luck up or luck out? Dysfunction and strife plague this family and their associates as each scene unfolds and intertwines for a soul-stirring conclusion.
Only Time Will Tell is a mediocre read that addresses various family issues. Drug abuse, teenage pregnancy, promiscuity, jealousy, domestic abuse, infertility, and death are some of the topics that will arouse your curiosity from the beginning to the very last page. Maseyree's sophomore project isn't a fast paced, exciting read, and it doesn't include any heart stopping excitement, but it has an interesting storyline with well developed characters. It entails a complete story without any frustrating cliffhangers. There were a few grammatical errors throughout the novel, but I would consider Only Time Will Tell a decent read.
Reviewed by Tazzyt2bossye
for Urban ReviewsOnly Time Will Tell OverviewThey are all back, and the drama continues. In this twisted tale, Andrea, Dorothy, Caroline, Sullivan, Monet, and Punkin all have new issues in which they are each faced with. Rather battling with bouts of love, death, infidelity, sex, domestic disturbances, or unexpected pregnancies, this bunch incurs it all, and no subject is taboo. Andrea is released from jail and is ready for her new start at life, and her second chance to be a mother to the child she abandoned at birth. Leaving behind the regretful days of her past, Andrea pushes forward. But, will she be able to refrain from her past after an ex- lover resurfaces in her life? Does he prove to be a friend or foe? Dorothy and Sullivan continue to live happily, still, after nearly three years of marriage. Finding it hard to believe that love and life can be so good, Dorothy continues to appreciate her man. But then, a woman from his past resurfaces with plans to get him back. Will this woman destroy the perfect relationship with Dorothy and her husband? Sometimes in life, we have to lose, in order to gain what the future holds for us. This novel is filled with gripping emotion, witty- humor, and believable characters who will keep you wanting more. If you think It Just Gets Better with Time was packed with drama, Only Time Will Tell you how the madness ends. Get ready to be entertained.

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