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Pole Dancing To Gospel Hymns
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Pole Dancing To Gospel Hymns ReviewAlthough Andrea Gibson is, undoubtedly, a slam poet; seeing her work in written form gives an insight to her poetry that one may not immediately find through her audio anthologies. Although I find the audio version of hew works slightly more compelling I recommend Gibson's work as that of one who is a strong and influential voice in modern poetry.Pole Dancing To Gospel Hymns OverviewAndrea Gibson's dynamic and timely new book, Pole Dancing to Gospel Hymns is a energetic collection of stirring and introspective poetry. Hauntingly vivid, the poems voyage through a soldier's lingering psychological wounds, to the curious questions of school children on the meaning of "hate", to a lover's witty and vibrant description of longing. Gibson's poems deconstruct the current political climate through stunning imagery and careful crafting. With the same velocity, the poignant and vacillating love poems are equally capable of sweeping the air out of the room. Pole Dancing to Gospel Hymns has a bold and unforgettable internal voice and is rich with the kind of questioning that inspires action.

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