The Possession of Celia Review

The Possession of Celia
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The Possession of Celia ReviewThe Possession of Celia is a worthy successor to The Captivity of Celia. Sir Jason, Colin and the delicious Celia have moved on to the French countryside, where Sir Jason - as a form of revenge, does his best to expand Celia's erotic horizons. And what revenge! Celia excels in her new role, finding the delights of her own gender nearly as pleasureable as the delights she shared with Sir Jason and Colin. But just when you begin to think that she has at last found her paradise, a mysterious stranger arrives on the scene, changing the dynamic of the Hardwicke household.The Possession of Celia OverviewIn this long-awaited sequel to M. S. Valentine's erotic classic "The Captivity of Celia," Celia's lover Colin, still wanted for a murder he did not commit, must finally flee England. His cousin, Sir Jason Hardwicke, has provided Colin with a sanctuary - for the price of Celia's sexual favors. Jason finally "releases" Celia from her obligation and arranges for the couple's passage to safety in France. But Celia cannot easily forget the man who awakened so many desires within her. Can Colin compete with the memory of Jason's virility, or must Celia choose between them?From internationally bestselling erotica author M. S. Valentine, this contemporary erotic classic is the second in the popular "Celia" series.

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