Tome of Death (Reading Group Mysteries) Review

Tome of Death (Reading Group Mysteries)
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Tome of Death (Reading Group Mysteries) ReviewI've enjoyed the 3 earlier books in this series but this one was a disappointment. Megan, Ryan and the book club members go on a hike in a canyon and Megan's dogs dig up a body. While Megan is checking that out, another body, a mummy, is found.
The first corpse was murdered five years ago and the other 140 years ago.
Every couple of chapters of the book gives us another 10 pages or so of the lifestory of the mummified corpse. I was interested in what Megan could learn from her examination of the mummy (like an Elkin's Gideon Oliver mystery), but not the backstory of her life. Every time I came to a chapter set in 1868, I skipped it. It worked fine. The investigation by Megan & Ryan of the murder of the more recent corpse had many of the features of the earlier books, the humor, the characters, the denied romance of the couple because of their history, etc. The plot was a little thin and because about 60 pages were devoted to the mummy's story, it was a short read.
Maybe if I'd read this book first instead of 4th, I'd have had the patience to read the Commanche's story, but by this time, I only want to know what Megan, Ryan and the Murder by the Yard book club are up to.Tome of Death (Reading Group Mysteries) OverviewThis librarian and her reading group solve mysteries by the book. Megan Clark must unravel the mystery behind a burial site in the Palo Duro Canyon containing two corpses--one a human skeleton, the other a mummy in Comanche garb--murdered more than 100 years apart.

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