We'moon: Gaia Rhythms for Womyn (Wemoon Datebook) Review

We'moon: Gaia Rhythms for Womyn (Wemoon Datebook)
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We'moon: Gaia Rhythms for Womyn (Wemoon Datebook) ReviewThis datebook is beautiful. It isn't the one I normally pick, and I'll be going back to my old one next year. The reason I didn't pick my old one, was I don't like to advertise on the cover that I am pagan, and it tends to have a big witchy cover. It's also not small, so it's hard to fit in my purse. And, the huge spiral makes it bulky and unwieldy. These are the reasons that I LIKE the We'moon datebook with lay-flat binding.
It lays flat when opened.
It's slightly smaller, so it fits in a purse easier.
No bulky spiral.
It has a sturdy cover and binding.
The full color is spectacular.
Gorgeous artwork that doesn't scream, "Hey look at me! I'm pagan!"
There is a great sense of being connected to the rhythms of the natural world.
Daylight Savings Time beginning/ending is marked.
Solstices and major pagan holidays are printed.
The BIGGEST CONCERN is that AUGUST 25th-28th is MISMARKED. Be careful when inputting your plans/events. (I expect a calendar to be precise, so this is really annoying)
The typical holidays from North America are not printed. (I was willing to mark the calendar myself this year, but this is a deal-breaker for me.)
There aren't any TABS for the months. It would be nice to thumb right to the appropriate month. (Not a big deal, but it would be very helpful.)
It's too bad, because there's possibly no calendar that is more beautiful.We'moon: Gaia Rhythms for Womyn (Wemoon Datebook) Overview

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