Candy Concussion: An Erotic Collection Review

Candy Concussion: An Erotic Collection
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Candy Concussion: An Erotic Collection ReviewI don't usually read erotic books written by men because they often end up sounding like Penthouse letters. Men's erotica (or in most cases, men's porn in book form) often center on threesomes, teenage girls losing their innocence, voyeurism, or stories about harmless, shy women who morph into wanton sexpots. Chaz Thompson is guilty of writing stories with the aforementioned subjects in Candy Concussion -- only that his stories are actually very good. Candy Concussion is a lovely collection of erotic short stories and poems that satisfies the reader from cover to cover (so to speak). Interestingly enough, my favorites are the ones centered on the cliché subjects above. I enjoyed "Wendy," "The Lollipop," "The Librarian," " 'Twas the Night Before Christmas," "Mr. Frankenstein," and "The First Time." Most of the stories have interesting narratives that come from a voyeur of sorts, so they all have some form of fantasy about women (and girls) told by a man's point of view. That is not a bad thing though. As said earlier, I prefer to read erotica written by women for women, but Candy Concussion is a great treat. I look forward to reading more books by this author.Candy Concussion: An Erotic Collection OverviewCelebrate the kind of sex most of us will never experience. From the surrealistic awakening of womanhood (Wendy), to a time-traveling leap into the back seat of a hot '57 Chevy (Susie), to an outer space adventure (Intergalactic Rendezvous), to an obsessed scientist (Ms Frankenstein), to a magical library (The Librarian), and more, every story radiates with explicit, steamy passion. Candy Concussion plucks us from the commonplace and into the fantasy conjurings of Chaz Thompson, author of Zoot and Ravished. Sit back, or better yet, lie down, for a taste of Candy you'll never forget. ADULTS ONLY.

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