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Legacy of Sin
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Legacy of Sin ReviewThe author Ray Gordon always seems to surprise this reader ... I never ever know what I'm gonna get .... an erotic masterpiece, a soso piece of drivel, or, a 'oh my god i cant believe i bought this book' .... OK this one is a drivel ranked story. The book deals with a young Sally, that happens on an abandoned house that is full of some of the most supernaturally perverted ghosts in creation. She ends up with a series of encounters with plumbers, real estate agens, bankers etc etc that once they get into the house, go absolutely nuts , and start dowing the down and ditry with whoever is around ... Needless to say they all seem to 'stagger' out of the house with little memories of what happened. Sorry the story just isn't there ....Legacy of Sin OverviewSally has always ridiculed the idea of ghosts until she visits a spooky derelict house with her best girlfriend, Jane. But when she hears a loud thud upstairs and Jane goes to investigate, she questions her beliefs. Her nubile friend emerges from the house with her clothes hanging from her body and seemingly under the spell of some strange phantom sexual presence. Soon, both girls find themselves entwined in the dark secrets of the house and what starts playfully enough soon escalates into something far darker.

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