Pocket Handbook of Chinese Herbal Prescriptions Review

Pocket Handbook of Chinese Herbal Prescriptions
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Pocket Handbook of Chinese Herbal Prescriptions ReviewThis handy little book served me well while in school and in my practice, because it's much more portable than the Materia Medica. It's easy to fit into your lab coat pocket while in clinic, in fact it measures only 4.5"x6".
It contains 350 classic formulas including ingredients, dosage, preparation, functions, indications and contraindications. The formulas are categorized in alphabetic order, by Zang-Fu diagnosis, by Six stages, by Four Level, and by Triple Burners.
For the money it was very handy.Pocket Handbook of Chinese Herbal Prescriptions OverviewA unique handy reference, allowing you to quickly find basicinformation on any of 350 commonly used classic Chinese herbalformulas. The information includes: Chinese name (both Chinesecharacter and Pinyin), English name, pertaining category, composedingredients with dosage, preparation, functions, indications,cautions, and modern applications. ALL the information is based ontexts used for national certification examination (NCCAOM).Formulas are in alphabetical order by Chinese name (Pinyin), plus listings in table format by functional categories with key pathological changes of each formula and by clinical applications based on Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis (differentiation of syndromes).This book is the companion to "Pocket Handbook of Chinese HerbalMedicine." It is designed in a simplified format and fits right intoyour labcoat pocket. It's user friendly and can easily be carriedaround. This is the fastest, most concise reference guide forstudents, practitioners, teachers, or anyone who is looking forinformation on Chinese herbal remedies.

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