The Charismatic Phenomenon Review

The Charismatic Phenomenon
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The Charismatic Phenomenon ReviewThis book was written in response to the rising trends towards the acceptance of charismaticism in mainstream Christianity today. The introduction briefly outlines the history of the charismatic movement, and also the current situation in the world today.
The rest of the book is divided in two main segments. 1) The first 10 chapters of the book where the authors systematically examine various aspects of the doctrines and practices of the charismatic movement in light of the scriptures, providing logical proofs that they are not in accordance to what is shown in the Bible. 2) In the following 10 chapters, the authors use scriptural proofs to answer some of the common statements and arguments made by the charismatics and 'neutral' Christians who while not charismatic in practice themselves, do not take an opposing stance to this movement.
The short length and the readability of the book makes it a nice, quick, easy to digest read. The points are set forth systematically and are straight to the point. Despite the short length of the book, the authors do provide a rather comprehensive covering of the subject, with sufficient points to convict a reader to share their sentiments.
However, the book does require some updating if it is to remain relevant in our day and age. The last time it was revised was nearly 20 years ago, and in order to keep up with the ever-changing face of Christianity today, the authors might want to consider revising and expanding a 3rd edition of the book.
This book would be highly recommended to all Christian, both charismatics and non-charismatics alike. The tone of the book is mild and almost pleading to the reader to be biblical in his or her understanding of the subject. The arguments are very logically and systematically spelt out and easy to understand. However, the authors are not shy to face the truth directly, and at times uses strong or even words with hints of ridicule at some of the charismatic practices which might seem offensive to some.
Above all, the arguments given are very sound and bible-based. Discussing the topic with a high view of scripture, the authors give a very strong case against charismaticism. Addressing this issue in the realm of Christianity today is very needful, and thus it should be a book read by all Christians interested in a defense of the faith against modern day apostasy.
The Charismatic Phenomenon OverviewThe authors describe the purpose of the sign-miracles and revelatory gifts of New Testament times, and their precise nature. Were they intended to be ongoing in the life of the Church?Numerous questions are here answered, such as, ‘What exactly are the greater works of John 14.12?' and ‘Are the signs following, referred to in Mark 16, for today?' This work has been helpful to many thousands, having passed through numerous printings in English, and having been translated into many other languages.

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