Demons in the Church Review

Demons in the Church
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Demons in the Church ReviewWho in the world is Bro. Skolfield? I don't know either, but after you read his book 'Demons In the Church' you will know that he has heard from God...This is a desperately needed teaching for the Church today. We have cast off one "little" thing as the Church has become modernized. It has opened the door to demons to creep into the Church and seduce us away from the simplicity that is in Christ? What is it that we cast off..? Buy the Book and find out! You won't regret it trust me...C.H.Demons in the Church OverviewOf martyrs and miracles and demonized Christians, and about satanic activitywithin the church. Present-day case histories of Christians who were demon-oppressed and theirtestimonies of liberation from enemy control. Some of the false doctrines that permit satanicenslavement are defined. The impact of New Testament ordinances on the unseen spirit world isalso explained.

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