My Big Fat Supernatural Honeymoon Review

My Big Fat Supernatural Honeymoon
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My Big Fat Supernatural Honeymoon ReviewThese are mostly very short short stories and the ones that worked for me out of this collection were the ones where the authors gave little vignettes from their long running series. Which meant that because I already was familiar with the characters they were nice fill-ins. I think that Jim Butcher, P.N. Elrod and Katie MacAllister did the best job of telling their tales in the short space allotted, Armstrong, and Saintcrow's were okay, Lui and Thompson's were near misses. Kittredge's prequel was ambitious for the space but her characters and world have promise.
*** Kelley Armstrong has her existing characters Clay and Elena on their honeymoon being stalked by a nonpack mutt, and if you know these two at all you know that they are going to relish having a hunt to break up the boredom of their idyllic vacation.
*** Jim Butcher manages to carve out a nice little tale from the rescue of a stolen bride employing a couple of his existing characters and using them and some Norse legends to flesh out Marcone's hired wizard Gard.
***Rachel Caine gives us part two of her pirate tale from My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding, here the formerly cursed pirate and his wench get more than they bargain for on their honeymoon cruise but are saved by an intriguing character, a beautiful but damned pirate at the end of the story.
*** P.N. Elrod's vampire detective tackles finding a missing bridegroom for a mafia princess-bride.
*** Caitlin Kittredge's contribution -- a `dectective' story set in a world where a dark magical world, "The Black" that lies at the fringe of ours --the only connection to the honeymoon theme was that the main characters stay in the honeymoon suite and fall into a mystery involving sacrifices and black magic.
*** Marjorie M. Liu gives a story that is supposed to be a prequel to her Dirk & Steele series. It is a very pre-pre-quel, the story of Lucy Steele awakening to the world of magic.
*** Katie MacAlister's tale is a nice little fill-in to her Dark One's series, and answers the question of what Raphael St. John really was -- because we all wondered.
*** Lilith Saintcrow steps away from the dark side on her honeymoon tale of a vampire hunter and a werewolf who both left the full disclosure until the honeymoon and make their discovery when they find they've landed in vampland for their honeymoon.
*** Ronda Thompson give us a decendent of her cursed historical Wulf's. Here we get a modern bridegroom who gets furry now that he's found his true love but hopes the honeymoon consumation will cure him. Unfortunately it's not that easy and his unsuspecting nature hating bride is about to get up close and personal with a wolf.
While many of these stories were screaming for more space, I would recommend that you don't cross any of these authors off your list based on their work here. All have popular multibook series and all of us fans can't be wrong in our slavishly keeping them on our 'must buy' lists, so check out their longer works. With this collection of authors there is something for everyone from humorous romance, to darker suspense all with a touch of the paranormal or magic, I've included the first books in their series to help you on your hunt.
Butcher's Dresden Files Storm Front (The Dresden Files, Book 1)
Armstrong's Otherworld Bitten (Women of the Otherworld, Book 1)
Caine's Weather Wardens Ill Wind (Weather Warden, Book 1)
MacAllisters Dark Ones A Girl's Guide to Vampires
Saintcrow's Dante Valentine Working for the Devil
Elrod Vampire FilesBloodlist (Vampire Files, Book 1)
Liu's Dirk & Steele Tiger Eye (Dirk & Steele, Book 1)
Thompson's Wild Wulfs of London The Cursed One (Wild Wulfs of London)
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