Spiritual Gifts: Their Purpose & Power Review

Spiritual Gifts: Their Purpose and Power
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Spiritual Gifts: Their Purpose & Power ReviewIf you are looking for a well-balanced book on Spiritual Gifts, this is it! In researching for a class I'm teaching in the Netherlands on the gifts I looked at and read numerous books on the topic. This was the most comprehensive and well-balanced I found. Bryan Carraway does an excellent job of approaching the topic objectively and always defers to the Bible whenever possible. This book is rooted in the Word and when Mr. Carraway offers his opinion, he's very careful to identify it as such. He clearly holds the Bible as authoritative in all things.
He begins by defining and explaining the the differing points of views on the matter ranging from the Charismatic movement to absolute cessationism. I thought he gave both sides, as well as those in between, a fair hearing and presented their cases fairly. Some of the best advice offered in the book is to obey your church leaders submissively and not be the cause of dissention. Once I read that, I knew I had the right book!!! If you're looking for ammunition to blast "the other side" this isn't the right book for you. If you, rather, are looking for a serious study on the gifts of the Spirit, what they are, where they come from, how they are ideally employed, how to grow them, and some examples in history of how they were used, this is the best choice I've found outside of the Bible.
The book is well documented with excellent footnotes as well as a very comprehensive "Spiritual Gifts Inventory" in the appendices. Many have been critical of these types of inventories claiming that we shouldn't limit the Spirit. I'm not one to speak for Mr. Carraway, but from reading his book, I suspect he would agree on the point of not limiting the Spirit. His inventory is properly used as a gauge for beginning to get an idea of where the Spirit is leading a person. I don't think any inventory should be used conclusively, but I do think it's accurate in identifying possible directions or confirming gifts.
Read this book and expand your horizons for letting God use you to carry out His will. I heartily give this book my warm recommendation.Spiritual Gifts: Their Purpose & Power OverviewSpiritual Gifts: Their Purpose & Power is a balanced, popular treatment of the gifts of the Spirit. The work includes teaching on thirty spiritual gifts from the Old and New Testaments. A biblically-grounded presentation that includes a clear understanding and respect for the various approaches to modern-day spiritual gifts.

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