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Super Star Speech, Speech Therapy Made Simple
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Super Star Speech, Speech Therapy Made Simple ReviewMy six year old daughter was having trouble pronouncing "S", "Z" and "R". She was conscious of the fact that she was doing it wrong, and somewhat embarrassed by it. My husband and I, who have both taken college level phonetics classes, weren't getting anywhere with her. Every time we would sit down with her and try to correct her pronunciation, it would just end in tears for her, and frustration for us. We live overseas and have no access to a speech therapist, so we were beside ourselves as to what to do. When we were back in the US for a few months, we tried a few speech books in the library, but we weren't thrilled with anything there, and nothing seemed to help. A homeschool magazine that we subscribe to had an add for "Super Star Speech" and we decided to try it. It worked wonderfully!! I spent about half an hour reading through what I needed to know in the book, and then sat down with my daughter and explained things they way they did in the book. She loved it!! We did the activities together, we practiced words together, and we had a lot of fun learning. Within the first week she was pronouncing the first sound correctly and starting to try to use it in her regular speech. Every day she asked to do her speech. My older daughter saw the games we were playing, and asked if she could play too. This book is fun, interactive and educational!! It is well worth the purchase!!Super Star Speech, Speech Therapy Made Simple OverviewSuper Star Speech will teach you how to help your child correct his or her articulation (speech sound) errors. The manual includes an articulation test that will help you identify your child's specific errors and compare his or her speech to developmental norms. Specific instructions for teaching each sound are included, as well as worksheets, games, and 240 picture cards. The Super Star Manuals come 3 hole punched in a vinyl binder for easy removal of worksheets, picture cards, and games. The picture cards are printed on card stock, ready to be cut apart and used. Some games are also printed on card stock. Each Super Star manual is priced less than the cost of ONE session of professional speech therapy! To supplement Super Star Speech with even more games and activities, please consider the companion volumes, Super Star R & L and Super Star S, Z, & SH. More information at

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