Diagnostics (TCM Study Guide Series) Review

Diagnostics (TCM Study Guide Series)
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Diagnostics (TCM Study Guide Series) ReviewI used this text to study for the NCCAOM Board Exam. I found the review of information most helpful, the study questions were a bit overwhelming. The content review pages were concise and to the point- just what I needed to get organized in mind after 3 years of so much information!
After taking (and passing) the exam, I would suggest just using the content review and not bothering too much with the review questions. TCM Questions and the NCCAOM review questions were more helpful than the ones in this book.Diagnostics (TCM Study Guide Series) OverviewTCM Study Guide Series: Diagnostics provides resourcematerial and multiple-choice questions designed to help TCMpractitioners and students prepare themselves to take board tests. Thebook's 2,100 questions cover the full range of TCM diagnostic theoryand practice. Answers to all of the questions are found in the back ofthe book. The book's resource material includes descriptions of thefundamental disgnostic elements (pulses, tongue color, facialcomplexion, etc.), explanations of the basic diagnostic theories,three extensive glossaries, and a table of terminology equivalencies.

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