Giggle Fit: Zany Tongue-Twisters Review

Giggle Fit: Zany Tongue-Twisters
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Giggle Fit: Zany Tongue-Twisters ReviewThis 7 yr old girl who always asks for a tongue twister when we talk was absolutely thrilled to receive this as part of her birthday present. Every letter of the alphabet has its own page of as many as 7 or 8 tongue twisters along with illustrations. I was very happy with this selection and can recommend it for the average-to-above-average 7 year old or older who really likes to giggle!Giggle Fit: Zany Tongue-Twisters OverviewTie your tongue in knots--and have loads of fun doing it with these wacky words and silly sentences! How many times can you repeat this in ten seconds? Matt's mismatched mittens. Can you say, Does a double bubble gum double bubble? three times fast? What about Sixty-six sticky skeletons? With these mouthfuls of mayhem, you'll have a blast alone or with a group.

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